The Next Big Thing in Winter Hair Trends

winter hair trends decola salon in exton, pa

Hi! My name is Jackie Horst, I am a tier four stylist at DeCola Salon. 2020 has been a whirlwind year with one crazy situation after another. With almost a day-to-day reassignment of priorities, a lot of people have overlooked themselves. Self-Care is critical, it is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. Since coming back to work at the salon post-quarantine, some stand-out hair trends are emerging for this winter that you don't want to miss!


Now is a great time for something radical! The news is full of reasons to be afraid and worry, so it’s a very small thing to treat oneself to something bright and alive, so why not try a non-traditional color? Pastels and vivid shades are in! So, whether you want to dabble in a few streaks of something unfamiliar or dive headfirst into a giant splash of whole-head-covering iridescence...go for it! The crazy colors typically are only short-lived, so make sure you keep your look stunning and the colors bright with the perfect blowout, toning shampoos, and custom color masks.