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The Next Big Thing in Winter Hair Trends

winter hair trends decola salon in exton, pa

Hi! My name is Jackie Horst, I am a tier four stylist at DeCola Salon. 2020 has been a whirlwind year with one crazy situation after another. With almost a day-to-day reassignment of priorities, a lot of people have overlooked themselves. Self-Care is critical, it is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. Since coming back to work at the salon post-quarantine, some stand-out hair trends are emerging for this winter that you don't want to miss!


Now is a great time for something radical! The news is full of reasons to be afraid and worry, so it’s a very small thing to treat oneself to something bright and alive, so why not try a non-traditional color? Pastels and vivid shades are in! So, whether you want to dabble in a few streaks of something unfamiliar or dive headfirst into a giant splash of whole-head-covering iridescence...go for it! The crazy colors typically are only short-lived, so make sure you keep your look stunning and the colors bright with the perfect blowout, toning shampoos, and custom color masks.


Balayage and Foiliage make it look like you’ve spent the last three months at the beach instead of in the living room with this lived-in look. They’re a great way to change up a look and still achieve a beautiful and seamless grow-out that allows for a longer time between in-salon maintenance visits. Keep up your color longer with R&Co Waterfall for some lightweight moisture. For a no-heat beachy look—braid hair overnight, take it down, and spray in R& Co Sail. Scrunch in and enhance the effortless look!


Grey is in! While it seems easy enough to just let nature take over, some assembly is required (for best results). Going natural on well water has a lot of challenges due to minerals in the water, and even exposure to UV light can cause yellowing. Stay away from harmful hair care ingredients that can damage your hair. If nature needs a little nurture, I recommend a solid maintenance shampoo tailored specifically to grey hair like Oribe Silverati Shampoo. In the salon, a glaze is also a great option to enhance white and grey and make it shine.


We are available for consultations virtually and in the salon. Our salon provides a safe and clean environment to keep you focused on you! Everybody needs a little self-care and these winter trends are the perfect place to start. Call us at 610-363-9554 or book online, and set up an appointment to look your best today, tomorrow, and for the holidays.


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