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Hair Salon Visits During COVID: Our New Normal

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Our New Normal: How We Are Keeping Our Staff and Clients Safe

After 3 months of missing our clients, we could not be happier to be back in action. However, this unprecedented time brings a lot of questions in terms of safety and security. Here at DeCola Salon, our main priority is the safety of our valued customers and their loved ones, along with our team members. To keep the salon as safe as possible during operation, we have instilled several new protocols. We will walk you through what your next visit will look like before, during, and after your appointment.

Before Your Appointment

Here at DeCola Salon, your safety starts before you walk in our door. The first step of our new normal procedure is to require all guests to fill out the guest waiver form before their appointment. With this form, clients are agreeing that they will adhere to the safety protocols in place during their appointment, whilst also confirming that they have not been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days of their appointment. Through this waiver, it is our goal to keep everyone entering through the door as safe as possible.

Upon arriving at the salon, we ask that you wait in your car until you receive a text that your stylist and your freshly sanitized station are ready for you. By waiting in your car until your stylist is ready, you are helping us minimize the number of people and crowding we have in the salon at a time. For safety reasons, our waiting area is no longer open for public seating, and we are not offering any refreshments to our guests. Without our waiting area, it is best for not only your safety, but our stylists as well, to avoid overcrowding in the front desk area.

Once you are entering the salon, we ask that you wear a mask, and keep it on during the entirety of your appointment until you leave the building. Our entire staff is also required to wear masks and we hope that you will do the same to minimize any amount of germ spreading. We will ask you to sanitize your hands, and verbally ask you a few questions regarding COVID symptoms, as well as possible exposures. Once we have cleared you at the front area, your stylist will take you back to their station.

During Your Appointment

As you join your stylist in their station, we want you to know that all aspects have been sanitized and disinfected including their chairs, mirror, and tools. Your safety is our priority. You will then embark on a thorough consultation with your stylist to ensure optimal communication of what your hair goals are.

During your service, you will notice the blue tape on the ground surrounding your stylist station. This is to recognize that all stations in service are placed at a socially distant 6 feet apart. You will also notice at the shampoo bowls that we are only utilizing half of the bowls at a time to maintain this 6 feet apart distance.

A few other safety precautions we are implementing include that we ask that you do not bring food or water to your appointments to ensure that you keep your mask on while you are here. We also ask that you leave any guests not receiving services at home. We ask this to keep the salon at the required capacity and to keep all of our clients and staff safe.

After Your Service

As your stylist completes your service, our Front Desk Associate will meet you at your chair to check you out and re-book your next appointment. In doing this, or goal is to avoid any possible crowding or waiting in line in front of the desk. We are not accepting tips on credit cards at this time. We are encouraging you to Venmo your stylist, or use cash. If you need your stylist's Venmo information please click here.

Before, during, and after all appointments, we can assure you that around-the-clock cleaning is happening. We have increased all of our cleaning protocols to ensure everything in the salon is frequently disinfected. Throughout the day we continuously sanitized commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, etc.

We have contained any used equipment such as towels and capes in secured sealed boxes until they are removed from the building for sanitizing to keep any potential spread of germs to any other areas of the salon.

While we understand that these times can be worrisome, we are doing everything we can to make sure that your visit is as stress-free and as safe as possible. We continually gather feedback and reviews from our clients to make sure they feel safe at our salon, and that we are monitoring the needs and requests of our customers.

Looking forward to that first post quarantine hair appointment? Don’t wait, book now! You can book online by clicking here, or giving us a call at 610-363-9554. Please contact us with any further questions or concerns regarding your next visit to DeCola Salon.

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