Hey everyone! My name is Courtney. I am a Tier 4 stylist at DeCola Salon in Exton, PA, and I have over 10 years of experience in the salon industry. My passion for hair is- being a lover of lived-in hair looks, bright blondes, and hair extensions. I also enjoy creating easy bohemian-inspired styles, for either an everyday look or for special occasions. I am certified in hair extension applications with NBR, Perfectress, Dream Catchers, Harper Ellis, and Laced Hair Extensions. My goal is to give my clients the long, full-bodied hair they have always dreamed of. Check out this video of one of my recent extension implementations on YouTube or on TikTok! Below are 8 of the most common questions about hair extensions.

Question #1: How do hair extensions stay in your head?

This is the most common question I get asked! My professional preference is sewn-in extensions. A string and bead track is created in your hair. This track supports the wefts of hair that are then placed onto these tracks. That hair is then sewn securely onto the track. There are no braids, tape, heat, solvents, or glue in this method! There are many different names for this method: sewn in, NBR (natural beaded row), hand-tied hair are just some of those names.

Question #2: How long do extensions last?

As your hair grows from the root, so do your extensions. As the root grows down the extensions begin to lower. The extensions have to be moved up, or "tightened" every 6-8 weeks. Some can go longer, but this is the typical time period. Letting the extensions go for too long without being moved up, will cause breakage and discomfort.

Question #3: Will the extensions match my hair color?

We provide color swatches to match the color of your hair. Additionally, custom coloring is available in the event that the swatch hue or dimension is not an exact match. In order to determine the best match for your hair, an extension consultation will have to take place first. Here, we can discuss what your hair goals are and the options we have to achieve them.

Question #4: After I get my extensions, will it be difficult for me to style?

Not at all!! This method is very easily manageable. It may take a little longer to curl or wave the hair, as there is now more of it (yay!) otherwise, it is just like styling your real hair!

Question #5: What is the aftercare for extensions?

To get the most out of your extensions and keep them healthy as can be, here are a few rules to follow:

Question #6: How long do they take to install?

Typically the first installation takes the longest! We will be starting with a fresh canvas. In our initial consultation, we will discuss how many rows you would need for the desired look. Depending on the type of hair we decide on, the hair will come in pre-cut lengths or one large hair weft. We will then install the hair. After installation, your natural hair and your new hair are blended, and we finish off with styling. Typically the first appointment is around 3 to 4 hours. Move-up appointments usually take about 1.5-2 hours.

Question #7: How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost for initial installation is $600; this includes custom placement of extension, specialize color match, cut & style. If you need color as well, there is a $100 additional fee. 6-8 week move-up appointments are $400. The cost of the hair itself is not included in the installation cost. Prices will vary depending on the type of hair, length, and texture, and this will be discussed and determined at your consultation appointment.

Question #8: I love all of this information and I am ready for hair extensions! How do I proceed with booking an appointment?

The first step is to book that consultation to get your color matched! Our website offers consultation appointments via online booking, or send me a message at @styledwithcourt on Instagram and I will get you in! And don't forget to follow us on TikTok and view my latest extension video!

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Oribe Moisture & Control Masque

Oribe Split End Seal

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

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Hi! My name is Jackie Horst, I am a tier four stylist at DeCola Salon. 2020 has been a whirlwind year with one crazy situation after another. With almost a day-to-day reassignment of priorities, a lot of people have overlooked themselves. Self-Care is critical, it is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. Since coming back to work at the salon post-quarantine, some stand-out hair trends are emerging for this winter that you don't want to miss!


Now is a great time for something radical! The news is full of reasons to be afraid and worry, so it’s a very small thing to treat oneself to something bright and alive, so why not try a non-traditional color? Pastels and vivid shades are in! So, whether you want to dabble in a few streaks of something unfamiliar or dive headfirst into a giant splash of whole-head-covering iridescence...go for it! The crazy colors typically are only short-lived, so make sure you keep your look stunning and the colors bright with the perfect blowout, toning shampoos, and custom color masks.


Balayage and Foiliage make it look like you’ve spent the last three months at the beach instead of in the living room with this lived-in look. They’re a great way to change up a look and still achieve a beautiful and seamless grow-out that allows for a longer time between in-salon maintenance visits. Keep up your color longer with R&Co Waterfall for some lightweight moisture. For a no-heat beachy look—braid hair overnight, take it down, and spray in R& Co Sail. Scrunch in and enhance the effortless look!


Grey is in! While it seems easy enough to just let nature take over, some assembly is required (for best results). Going natural on well water has a lot of challenges due to minerals in the water, and even exposure to UV light can cause yellowing. Stay away from harmful hair care ingredients that can damage your hair. If nature needs a little nurture, I recommend a solid maintenance shampoo tailored specifically to grey hair like Oribe Silverati Shampoo. In the salon, a glaze is also a great option to enhance white and grey and make it shine.

We are available for consultations virtually and in the salon. Our salon provides a safe and clean environment to keep you focused on you! Everybody needs a little self-care and these winter trends are the perfect place to start. Call us at 610-363-9554 or book online, and set up an appointment to look your best today, tomorrow, and for the holidays.

Hi, my name is Donna! With over 34 years in the beauty industry, I am thrilled to be serving clients daily here at DeCola Salon. From precision hair shaping for women, men, and children of all ages and hair types, to many color services including grey coverage, lowlights, highlights, color melting, foiling, and excellent finish work, I invite all previous and new guests to my chair. At the same time, I provide you with top-notch customer service and knowledge. You can book online with me today by clicking here!

Today, I want to discuss at-home blowouts. We all see beautiful hair everywhere we go—magazines, televisions, billboards, etc. From shiny, glossy color, to perfectly styled blowouts, so many clients wish their hair could create what they see on others, on themselves. I get asked about my signature blow-dry style all the time by my clients who wish they could mimic what I do for them at the salon at home.

The perfect blowout requires the perfect tools!

4 Important Tools:

ONE- Invest in an ionic blow dryer with the nozzle attachment. The attachment piece that we often remove and toss is one of the most critical steps for getting perfect airflow and heat protection from the hot metal at the end of the blow dryer. Without the attachment, your blow out is more prone to frizz due to the lack of airflow control. You can contact us here to order your ionic blow dryer today! We offer curbside pickup and delivery.

TWO- Purchase a smoothing lotion (my favorite is R+Co High Dive) and a heat protectant (I love the In Common Magic Myst.). Both products can be ordered here by entering them in the search field. Start by applying these products through towel-dried hair after a shower, and combing through to ensure even dispersion. These products will not only make your hair look sleek and shiny, but they will also protect the cuticle from any possible heat damage.

THREE- Make your life easy with 4 to 6 alligator hair clips for sectioning your hair. I always rough-dry the hair before sectioning. Doing so will save you time on blow drying and also allow for more ease when sectioning the hair. To begin sectioning your hair, you will create a top section consisting of your crown, two side sections, and three back sections, leaving out the nape of the hair.

FOUR- Grab that round bristle brush! While these brushes come in many different diameters, they create very different results. The larger brushes ensure straighter hair, but also provide more volume at the root, while smaller brushes generate more movement and waves throughout the hair. The size and type of bristle all depending on your hair type and your desired result. If you are not sure which is best for you, ask your stylist the next time you visit the salon, what they would recommend! Order your round brush by clicking here. And, if you don't see the size you like, contact us, and we will take care of that for you!

Here are the 3 basic steps to a perfect blowout including the essential tools needed:

Step 1: Start at the bottom

Start the blow drying at the bottom-most section of the hair. Begin smoothing the nape section and be sure you are always directing airflow from the drier in the direction you are pulling the hair taut with the brush. Spin the brush at the ends for a slight bend and allow it to cool (cooling while continuing to spin is important for setting the hair!). Continue doing so until the section is smooth, shiny, and bouncy before moving onto the next section. If the hair is still frizzy, continue repeating these steps until smooth.

Optionally, you may twist the section after drying to create a glamorous wave. Make sure to let it cool in this position before touching. The most important tip is to continue smoothing each section until all are dry, soft, and bouncy. For an extra body, be sure to dry the section straight out from the head following the curves of the scalp.

Step 2: Tousle!

Allow it to completely dry and cool before touching it. This will ensure that any added body or wave stays in place. Then, take your fingers and run them through the hair, playing with the waves until you are pleased with the result. This will create an undone, yet glamorous, bouncy style.

Step 3: Apply Finishing Stylers

For additional shine and frizz control, apply any serum in small amounts. My favorite is the Formula 18 repair oil, which you can purchase here by typing the product name in the search box. This will create a glossy shine while taming any unruly flyaways. Also, be sure to use a flexible hairspray to ensure that your style lasts, and add those perfect finishing touches. Purchase my favorite hairspray here, which is Living Proof Flex Spray. A light coating for flyaways, and anywhere you may need more control, is the perfect finishing touch!

If this all sounds a little too complicated for you- book a blow-dry with your favorite stylist! Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while getting to chat with one of our talented team members. To book a bombshell blowout at DeCola Salon, click here or call 610-363-9554 today!

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