Hi, my name is Donna! With over 34 years in the beauty industry, I am thrilled to be serving clients daily here at DeCola Salon. From precision hair shaping for women, men, and children of all ages and hair types, to many color services including grey coverage, lowlights, highlights, color melting, foiling, and excellent finish work, I invite all previous and new guests to my chair. At the same time, I provide you with top-notch customer service and knowledge. You can book online with me today by clicking here!

Today, I want to discuss at-home blowouts. We all see beautiful hair everywhere we go—magazines, televisions, billboards, etc. From shiny, glossy color, to perfectly styled blowouts, so many clients wish their hair could create what they see on others, on themselves. I get asked about my signature blow-dry style all the time by my clients who wish they could mimic what I do for them at the salon at home.

The perfect blowout requires the perfect tools!

4 Important Tools:

ONE- Invest in an ionic blow dryer with the nozzle attachment. The attachment piece that we often remove and toss is one of the most critical steps for getting perfect airflow and heat protection from the hot metal at the end of the blow dryer. Without the attachment, your blow out is more prone to frizz due to the lack of airflow control. You can contact us here to order your ionic blow dryer today! We offer curbside pickup and delivery.

TWO- Purchase a smoothing lotion (my favorite is R+Co High Dive) and a heat protectant (I love the In Common Magic Myst.). Both products can be ordered here by entering them in the search field. Start by applying these products through towel-dried hair after a shower, and combing through to ensure even dispersion. These products will not only make your hair look sleek and shiny, but they will also protect the cuticle from any possible heat damage.

THREE- Make your life easy with 4 to 6 alligator hair clips for sectioning your hair. I always rough-dry the hair before sectioning. Doing so will save you time on blow drying and also allow for more ease when sectioning the hair. To begin sectioning your hair, you will create a top section consisting of your crown, two side sections, and three back sections, leaving out the nape of the hair.

FOUR- Grab that round bristle brush! While these brushes come in many different diameters, they create very different results. The larger brushes ensure straighter hair, but also provide more volume at the root, while smaller brushes generate more movement and waves throughout the hair. The size and type of bristle all depending on your hair type and your desired result. If you are not sure which is best for you, ask your stylist the next time you visit the salon, what they would recommend! Order your round brush by clicking here. And, if you don't see the size you like, contact us, and we will take care of that for you!

Here are the 3 basic steps to a perfect blowout including the essential tools needed:

Step 1: Start at the bottom

Start the blow drying at the bottom-most section of the hair. Begin smoothing the nape section and be sure you are always directing airflow from the drier in the direction you are pulling the hair taut with the brush. Spin the brush at the ends for a slight bend and allow it to cool (cooling while continuing to spin is important for setting the hair!). Continue doing so until the section is smooth, shiny, and bouncy before moving onto the next section. If the hair is still frizzy, continue repeating these steps until smooth.

Optionally, you may twist the section after drying to create a glamorous wave. Make sure to let it cool in this position before touching. The most important tip is to continue smoothing each section until all are dry, soft, and bouncy. For an extra body, be sure to dry the section straight out from the head following the curves of the scalp.

Step 2: Tousle!

Allow it to completely dry and cool before touching it. This will ensure that any added body or wave stays in place. Then, take your fingers and run them through the hair, playing with the waves until you are pleased with the result. This will create an undone, yet glamorous, bouncy style.

Step 3: Apply Finishing Stylers

For additional shine and frizz control, apply any serum in small amounts. My favorite is the Formula 18 repair oil, which you can purchase here by typing the product name in the search box. This will create a glossy shine while taming any unruly flyaways. Also, be sure to use a flexible hairspray to ensure that your style lasts, and add those perfect finishing touches. Purchase my favorite hairspray here, which is Living Proof Flex Spray. A light coating for flyaways, and anywhere you may need more control, is the perfect finishing touch!

If this all sounds a little too complicated for you- book a blow-dry with your favorite stylist! Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while getting to chat with one of our talented team members. To book a bombshell blowout at DeCola Salon, click here or call 610-363-9554 today!

Hey guys, I’m Lizzie! I have always had a passion for hair, which led me into the industry in 2013. I am a versatile stylist, specializing in creating unique looks for each client. I love doing anything! From a sophisticated bob, beach balayage to an undone razor cut, I strive to provide my clients with perfect hair. To see some of my work, check out my Instagram page!

I want to explain how ingredients in shampoo and conditioners effect your hair health, and the difference between professional and drugstore products. You see and hear it from every hairstylist, “why are you using $10 shampoo on $200 hair!” We reiterate these thoughts to clients all the time, but rarely have the time to explain why it is so crucial. We recommend not to shampoo every day, and today I’ll be mentioning why your hair's natural oils are essential for the scalp’s health. To provide you with the best knowledge for scalp and hair health, be sure to check out this blog written by Pat, on why you should not shampoo every day!

Enemy #1: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS

Have you ever wondered why color seems to fly out of your hair within a few washes? Meet Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, which is most likely the culprit. This sulfate is what creates foam when mixed with water, which allows your shampoo to suds up. It's a popular ingredient in shampoos because it's inexpensive and effective by cleansing oils and dirt out of hair. If you have color-treated, dry, or damaged hair, stay away from this! It’s a strong detergent that will strip hair of color and natural oils. Spending $200 on color just to have a cheap shampoo strip it away is a vicious and endless cycle that your wallet will thank you for ending.

Enemy #2: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate SLES

You see it on hundreds of shampoo bottles, “sulfate-free!” But what are sulfates? Sulfates are powerful detergents that bind with the oil from your scalp, as well as with water. When washed and rinsed, sulfates strip the oils that have accumulated in your hair. Your hair will feel clean, but over time using such a potent sulfate can cause your hair to become weak, and you will notice more frizz.

You will commonly see clarifying shampoos with these ingredients in them, but we recommended only using a clarifying shampoo sparingly. Usually, stylists recommend once a week, if you are a swimmer or have well water. If neither pertains to you, then bi-weekly should be more than enough. Make sure to follow up with intense conditioner after clarifying, to rebalance the Ph of your hair, and put back the moisture your hair that was removed.

Enemy #3: Parabens (Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben)

Parabens are a preservative they put into shampoos, conditioners, and makeup to prevent bacteria from growing. Nobody wants moldy shampoo! So why are parabens considered such a bad thing? Specific forms have been found to mimic estrogen, and high estrogen levels have been linked to types of cancer. When you use a shampoo on your scalp, the ingredients go through your scalp into your bloodstream, presenting a potentially harmful outcome. Soy is another ingredient that can also mimic estrogen, so if you are okay with drinking a glass of soy milk, you are okay to use parabens.

Enemy #4: Zinc Pyrithione

Zinc Pyrithione: The Dandruff Destroyer. Zinc pyrithione is all about your scalp, but not so much your hair. What this ingredient does is it slows down the production of skin cell growth, thus eliminating dandruff.

Let's talk about dandruff for a second, because it is commonly misdiagnosed. Dandruff results from a fungus called Malassezia, which naturally occurs in everyone. When this fungus is out of control, this makes the scalp overproduce skin cells, which leads to large clumps on the scalp.

Most people think that when they see their scalp flaking, they have dandruff. Then they run to target and purchase Head & Shoulders hoping all hair troubles will vanish, yet they never really see the flaking going away. That, my friends, is because you don’t have dandruff, you have a dry scalp! Dry scalp occurs from over-shampooing or using crappy shampoos that strip all your natural oils.

Enemy #5: Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen absorbed through the skin in animal testing. Manufacturers often add formaldehyde to ingredients as a preservative that released over. A common ingredient in shampoos is quaternion-15. For not only your hair health, but your overall health, avoid Formaldehyde at all costs! It can also be found in many hair straightening treatments, nail polishes, and more!

Enemy #6 Sodium chloride

Sodium Chloride (AKA Salt), is added in shampoo to make the consistency thicker, but it can make an already dry scalp more sensitive. If you are experiencing scalp flaking or itching, be extra sure to avoid sodium chloride in your hair ingredients.

The old saying is true-- you get what you pay for. The reason drugstore shampoos are so inexpensive is that they use cheap ingredients! Floor wax, silicone, and oven cleaner... just to name a few. They lay on top of the hair creating a barrier, or they can suffocate the hair follicle, causing hair loss. Not only can drug store shampoos damage your hair health, but they can also make hairstylists' jobs much more complicated when coloring.

For example, Pantene puts floor wax in their conditioner, which then lays on top of your hair to give the illusion of shine and less frizz. Sounds great right? But then, you want a balayage and to be this bright, beachy blonde. The lightener now has to break through this thick wall of residue, losing most of its power, so when it reaches your hair it's not going to get as bright as we hoped! This residue creates a never ending cycle of needing more color sessions, spending more money, and causing more potential hair damage.

Hairstylists examine the hair and scalp health, and prescribe what is needed to achieve your ultimate hair goals at your hair's healthiest state. Yes, professional products are expensive, but they carry ingredients that have integrity and solve problems, not just temporarily mask it. We're here to help you.


Call DeCola Salon in Exton, PA at 610-363-9554 to arrange for product parking lot pickup, or purchase our products online at https://www.vagaro.com/decolasalon/products

Updated: Sep 11

Our New Normal: How We Are Keeping Our Staff and Clients Safe

After 3 months of missing our clients, we could not be happier to be back in action. However, this unprecedented time brings a lot of questions in terms of safety and security. Here at DeCola Salon, our main priority is the safety of our valued customers and their loved ones, along with our team members. To keep the salon as safe as possible during operation, we have instilled several new protocols. We will walk you through what your next visit will look like before, during, and after your appointment.

Before Your Appointment

Here at DeCola Salon, your safety starts before you walk in our door. The first step of our new normal procedure is to require all guests to fill out the guest waiver form before their appointment. With this form, clients are agreeing that they will adhere to the safety protocols in place during their appointment, whilst also confirming that they have not been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days of their appointment. Through this waiver, it is our goal to keep everyone entering through the door as safe as possible.

Upon arriving at the salon, we ask that you wait in your car until you receive a text that your stylist and your freshly sanitized station are ready for you. By waiting in your car until your stylist is ready, you are helping us minimize the number of people and crowding we have in the salon at a time. For safety reasons, our waiting area is no longer open for public seating, and we are not offering any refreshments to our guests. Without our waiting area, it is best for not only your safety, but our stylists as well, to avoid overcrowding in the front desk area.

Once you are entering the salon, we ask that you wear a mask, and keep it on during the entirety of your appointment until you leave the building. Our entire staff is also required to wear masks and we hope that you will do the same to minimize any amount of germ spreading. We will ask you to sanitize your hands, and verbally ask you a few questions regarding COVID symptoms, as well as possible exposures. Once we have cleared you at the front area, your stylist will take you back to their station.

During Your Appointment

As you join your stylist in their station, we want you to know that all aspects have been sanitized and disinfected including their chairs, mirror, and tools. Your safety is our priority. You will then embark on a thorough consultation with your stylist to ensure optimal communication of what your hair goals are.

During your service, you will notice the blue tape on the ground surrounding your stylist station. This is to recognize that all stations in service are placed at a socially distant 6 feet apart. You will also notice at the shampoo bowls that we are only utilizing half of the bowls at a time to maintain this 6 feet apart distance.

A few other safety precautions we are implementing include that we ask that you do not bring food or water to your appointments to ensure that you keep your mask on while you are here. We also ask that you leave any guests not receiving services at home. We ask this to keep the salon at the required capacity and to keep all of our clients and staff safe.

After Your Service

As your stylist completes your service, our Front Desk Associate will meet you at your chair to check you out and re-book your next appointment. In doing this, or goal is to avoid any possible crowding or waiting in line in front of the desk. We are not accepting tips on credit cards at this time. We are encouraging you to Venmo your stylist, or use cash. If you need your stylist's Venmo information please click here.

Before, during, and after all appointments, we can assure you that around-the-clock cleaning is happening. We have increased all of our cleaning protocols to ensure everything in the salon is frequently disinfected. Throughout the day we continuously sanitized commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, etc.

We have contained any used equipment such as towels and capes in secured sealed boxes until they are removed from the building for sanitizing to keep any potential spread of germs to any other areas of the salon.

While we understand that these times can be worrisome, we are doing everything we can to make sure that your visit is as stress-free and as safe as possible. We continually gather feedback and reviews from our clients to make sure they feel safe at our salon, and that we are monitoring the needs and requests of our customers.

Looking forward to that first post quarantine hair appointment? Don’t wait, book now! You can book online by clicking here, or giving us a call at 610-363-9554. Please contact us with any further questions or concerns regarding your next visit to DeCola Salon.

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