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Alysa Carpenter


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Alysa is a Tier 3 stylist and has been in the industry for about 3 years now. She graduated from Pulse Beauty Academy. Alysa loves building new relationships with people while making them feel good about themselves. Her passion is any kind of blonding and Alysa loves beach textured styles.

Alysa's Work

Favorite hair service to perform: 
Any blonding services

The product I could not live without:
Dry Shampoo

Hair inspiration: 
New trends + my co workers

Favorite hair tool:
My flat iron/ curling irons

Favorite song that gets me ready to work:

I can't pick a favorite but I do love any Sam Hunt.

If I could give my clients one good hair tip, it would be:  
Use professional products to help style your hair and a good style comes with practice.
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