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Emily has 9 years of experience in the hair industry and is a Tier 4 Stylist at DeCola Salon. Emily has traveled to several different states for education and loves how the hair industry is ever-evolving. She thrives in all things color but her big passion is balayage and blonding. She is always up for a good challenge and giving her clients their dream hair! She loves meeting new people and building relationships with her clients.

Emily's Work

Favorite hair service to perform: 
All the highlights!

The product I could not live without:
Anything R&Co

Hair inspiration: 
Keeping up with the new trends, being able to get in touch with my creative side while making people feel beautiful is what inspires me.

Favorite hair tool:
Curling Iron

Favorite song that gets me ready to work:

Anything EDM

If I could give my clients one good hair tip, it would be:  
Be gentle.
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