Why do you love working at DeCola Salon?

Jeweliana, Stylist

I really enjoy the atmosphere. A big plus is that everyone that works here is super helpful and friendly.

Austin, Stylist

Very supportive work environment, room for growth, and support from management.

Darlene, Stylist

I love my clients and my coworkers! The building is beautiful

Kelly, Stylist

Awesome environment, great coworkers, relaxing, and have the best boss ever!

Norm, Stylist

I like working in an environment in which I am recognized for the art that I create, in the way I want to create it.

Courtney, Stylist

No pressure work environment and a laid-back atmosphere. 

Alysa, Stylist

Enjoys the relaxed environment and her clients.

Jackie, Stylist

How accommodating and understanding our boss is and how fast-paced the salon environment is.

Alex, Stylist

 I enjoy the laid-back and relaxed environment.

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