Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Hi! My name is Jeweliana, I am a Tier 4 Stylist at DeCola Salon. Do you ever feel like your hair isn’t clean after washing it? Does it still feel oily and greasy at the roots? Maybe there’s a weird shine to it, you know the one, where it seems soft and shiny yet your color is looking drab and you don’t know how you could possibly go one day without washing again? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people who sit in my chair have the exact same problem. So let’s talk about how you should be washing your hair with some easy-to-follow home hair care techniques and tips!

Did you know that your shampoo should not make your hair feel soft? That’s right, your shampoo should make your hair feel clean, not soft. The job of the conditioner is to make your hair feel soft! If your shampoo is making your hair feel soft after you rinse it, that could mean it contains waxes, oils, or other ingredients that can coat your hair (that almost slimy, soft feeling) but not necessarily clean your hair.

In order to properly cleanse your hair, always shampoo TWICE on your roots only! The bottle says wash, rinse, repeat for a reason. Think of the first shampoo as a makeup remover for your hair. This is the shampoo that will break down any buildup from products or minerals and prep your hair. The second shampoo is the one that does the cleaning. In this step of hair washing, you really want to see big suds, that’s how you know your hair is being properly cleansed.

How to wash your hair correctly DeCola Salon, Exton PA