• Pat Ricciuti

Why You Should Skip That Daily Shampoo

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hello, I’m Patricia Ricciuti and I want you to love your hair. I’ve had the pleasure of working behind the chair for 40 years. I keep my fire burning by attending several industry events and workshops every year. By feeding my creativity and honing my craft I am able to do the thing I love every working day. My passion is Haircutting and Event styling; I love all textures, density and curl patterns. After working in my studio salon for 24 years I joined the DeCola Salon team summer of 2018 and never looked back.

You hear it from your hairdresser all the time. For shine, strength and length don’t over wash your hair. Second and third-day hair can be refreshed quickly and easily saving you a lot of time blowing it out. The bonus is, it is actually better for your hair and scalp, also it will help to keep the vibrancy of that beautiful hair color services you invested in.

Know that there is no set schedule for washing your hair. Some of us can go a week, while others have a hard time skipping a day because of excess oil. If you are a daily shampoo person and you want long strong healthy hair, you may want to try skipping some of that washing. However, if you can’t skip daily washing, please be sure to use the very best shampoo and conditioner you can, in order to restore the hair fiber and scalp. Hair is like fabric. It is made up of dead tissue, so you need to care for it like you would your most delicate fabrics. Imagine washing and drying your favorite silk, rayon or cotton blouse day after day after day eventually it’s going to wear out and dry out. Don’t do this to your beautiful hair! At DeCola Salon, we carry several excellent lines of hair-care. Two notable favorites are R&Co and Lakme Teknia.