Common Hair Care Ingredients That Are Harming Your Hair

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Hey guys, I’m Lizzie! I have always had a passion for hair, which led me into the industry in 2013. I am a versatile stylist, specializing in creating unique looks for each client. I love doing anything! From a sophisticated bob, beach balayage to an undone razor cut, I strive to provide my clients with perfect hair. To see some of my work, check out my Instagram page!

I want to explain how ingredients in shampoo and conditioners effect your hair health, and the difference between professional and drugstore products. You see and hear it from every hairstylist, “why are you using $10 shampoo on $200 hair!” We reiterate these thoughts to clients all the time, but rarely have the time to explain why it is so crucial. We recommend not to shampoo every day, and today I’ll be mentioning why your hair's natural oils are essential for the scalp’s health. To provide you with the best knowledge for scalp and hair health, be sure to check out this blog written by Pat, on why you should not shampoo every day!

Enemy #1: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS

Have you ever wondered why color seems to fly out of your hair within a few washes? Meet Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, which is most likely the culprit. This sulfate is what creates foam when mixed with water, which allows your shampoo to suds up. It's a popular ingredient in shampoos because it's inexpensive and effective by cleansing oils and dirt out of hair. If you have color-treated, dry, or damage