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This Just In: DeCola Salon Welcomes Scott Barnes Cosmetics

Samantha here! I am a makeup artist at DeCola Salon and I wanted to check in to let you all in on a little secret! DeCola Salon is pleased to announce that we have officially welcomed Scott Barnes Cosmetics for purchase!

For those who do not know, Scott created his brand from the ground up. He realized there was a “serious lack of affordable luxury makeup on the market, that allowed everyone to obtain the highest level of quality they deserve.”

One of Scott’s mantras is “Makeup is about empowering women.” I couldn’t agree more! I thoroughly enjoy making women feel confident while in my chair and long after they leave. You can purchase Scott Barnes Cosmetics through our website as well as in the salon. Whether you have a special event or you just want to feel glamorous, I am here to help! Stop in for a makeup consultation or make an appointment with me for your event through our website or call 610-363-9554. Check out my Instagram here for inspiration pictures!

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