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Kendall likes to coin herself as a certified hair nerd. She believes that everyone deserves to love their hair, and Kendall would like to help to achieve that for you. As a "hair whisperer" one may say, Kendall is here to listen and help with all of your hair problems! Kendall joins DeCola as a Tier 2 stylist.

Kendall's Work

Favorite hair service to perform: 

The product I could not live without:
Television by R&Co

Hair inspiration: 
My hair inspiration is anything that looks beautiful from the minute you leave my chair, to 6 months from now. In my opinion, roots shouldn’t need to grow in harsh, and you shouldn’t need to depend on me every 30 days for gorgeous hair. I strive to give you something that is beautiful no matter when you come to see me.

Favorite hair tool:
Curling iron- beachy waves all day!

Favorite song that gets me ready to work:

Over the hills and far Away, Led Zeppelin

If I could give my clients one good hair tip, it would be:  
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