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Ruark Farmhouse

Nestled at the intersection with Dowlin Forge Road and Village Avenue, you'll find the historic Ruark Farmhouse, now the enchanting location of DeCola Salon. This architectural gem, rich in history, was not always the vibrant hub of beauty it is today.

DeCola Salon, Ruark Farmhouse.jpg

Originally one of the township's earliest farmhouses, its legacy began when David Lloyd of Chester, PA, started granting ownership to the early settlers, primarily Quakers, around 1712. The land's tapestry of ownership weaved through time, from its sale to Thomas John in 1715 for 5 shillings, to its acquisition by Thomas Downing in 1786, remaining within his family until 1902. It eventually reached the great-grandfather of George Ruark, whose family held it until 1998, marking its transition from a cherished family home to a place of business.

The transformation of the Ruark Farmhouse into the current DeCola Salon was a labor of love, honoring the structure's historical integrity while introducing a modern flourish. A fascinating feature of this storied building is its 11 fireplaces, connected to just 3 chimneys, a testament to its architectural ingenuity and the warmth that once filled its rooms. The restoration efforts unveiled much of the original stonework, hidden for years, showcasing the exquisite local fieldstone.

DeCola Salon the old Ruark Farmhouse.jpg

The preservation of the farmhouse's soul is evident in the meticulously restored original floors and fireplaces, the charming window cash drawer once used to pay farmhands, and the beehive oven door of the walk-in fireplace. These preserved elements invite guests into a world where beauty, history, and architecture merge.

Today, DeCola Salon invites you to step into a space where every visit is not just a journey to beauty but a walk through history, amidst walls that whisper tales of the past, all while sitting comfortably at the intersection of tradition and modern elegance.


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